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Make sure you're represented in the family courtroom

Going before a family law judge can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether a person is in a family courtroom for a child custody disagreement or for a divorce issue, having the right help can make appearing in court a much easier experience overall. Our firm has a deep understanding of New York family law as well as how it is typically interpreted and implemented by various area judges.

Representation matters in the family courtroom

Creating a mutually agreeable child custody agreement that is based on a child's best interests can be a difficult task. Most parents in New York hope to accomplish this feat by negotiating with one another or, in other circumstances, with the help of mediation. We understand that this is simply not the reality for everyone and that proceeding to the family courtroom can sometimes be necessary.

Family law: Why get married -- isn't love enough?

Today is different from the 1950s when 80 percent of adults in America were married. Now, many couples across the country, including many in New York, now choose to remain unmarried for various reasons. Whether couples choose to remain unmarried for financial reasons or in hopes of preventing the state from accessing their private affairs, there can be adverse consequences. Many of the protections offered by family law are not available for unmarried couples and their children.

New York families and surrogates struggle with family law

Surrogacy can be a truly beautiful gift for New York couples who are struggling to conceive a child, but the family law side of things is not always as straight forward as it could be. In many instances, surrogate mothers do not actually have any biological connection to the child but still end up listed as the mother on the birth certificate. While this should typically be a straightforward fix, one family has been struggling with family law courts to have a correct birth certificate issued.

Congressman seeks annulment, says marriage never legal

For some New York couples, divvying up the assets from a marriage can be one of the most tedious and difficult tasks to complete. However, this process might not be so difficult if a couple's marriage was never legal in the first place. That's exactly what one congressman claims, asserting that he should be granted an annulment rather than a divorce.

If you're thinking about a social media prenup, you're not alone

If you are getting married and are contemplating a prenuptial agreement, chances are you are considering what you may deem as marital property (as opposed to separate property) and what rights you may be giving up by signing such an agreement. You may not be considering limitations of what you or your spouse may say or do over social media sites during the course of your divorce and beyond.

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