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A divorce transition can be easy when dodging common mistakes

There is no right or wrong way to end a marriage. Each divorce is different, with its own set of unique circumstances, but many people have found that certain methods have helped them to avoid problems while going through the process. Individuals facing divorce in New York may be able to take some inspiration from the collected suggestions of a few experts who have gone before. 

Unexpected financial boost after a divorce?

When it comes to money post-marriage, most of the experts advise folks to hunker down and ride the storm out. However, there are some potential financial benefits to divorce, say others. People facing divorce in New York may be pleasantly surprised to hear such news, as they prepare to undergo the transition back to singledom. 

Financial planning during a divorce

Although rates are declining, many people still must undergo the dissolution of their marriage. For many people, a divorce means an adjustment in their finances. By anticipating the typical changes that happen at the end of a marriage, a person in New York can be better prepared for the new single life that awaits them.

New York residents divorce less than other Americans

A recent census survey revealed statistics about marriages and breakups in the 50 states. The Census Bureau's American Community Survey indicated that New York couples have a lower divorce rate than almost all other states. Ranking number four, the state may be a great place for love, or the facts could be related to other reasons. 

Stressors that cause divorce common for all marriages

A marriage can be a fragile thing, and while many grow stronger, about 22 percent of marriages are over within the first five years. Another 53 percent of marriages end in divorce after 20 years. Interestingly, some psychologists say most couples go through the same kinds of struggles, but not all marriages survive the stress. While the rankings may be different in New York than in other states, analysts have listed the most common causes for marital breakups.

How a divorce can affect taxable income

At the time of dissolving a marriage, a person will likely wish to consider all aspects of how their life may be affected. Going forward from the divorce, will they owe support payments or be receiving them? How will the future needs of an ex-spouse or a child change how funds are allocated? In New York, some consider it important to understand how support payments are taxed after divorce. 

Alimony adjustments after divorce

Is an alimony agreement permanent or can it be changed? The is the question many New York residents may have pondered, especially if they have suffered a loss of income after the divorce has been settled. It is possible to be granted a modification of the alimony order, but certain circumstances must be met. 

New York couple facing divorce despite growth during hard times

The details of each couple's marriage are different. They may find themselves in certain situations that allow them to grow as a couple that may prove more detrimental to other individuals. Similarly, they may eventually find themselves filing for divorce for reasons that differ from other couples facing related circumstances. As a result, the manner in which they approach the end of their marriage and the associated legal proceedings can also vary.

Positive views may help New York residents through divorce

Because the ending of a marriage can have major impacts on a person's life, many New York residents desire to have some form of support during this time. The emotional and logical aspects of divorce can both prove overwhelming, and looking at the situation positively may help. However, some outside individuals may attempt to make divorcing parties feel as if they have failed.

Facing fear may help New York residents with divorce

Facing a fear can be one of the most terrifying and liberating moments in a person's life. Of course, the particular circumstances and causes of the fear can play a considerable role in how and when an individual may choose to tackle that endeavor. When it comes to fear of divorce, New York residents who are in unhealthy relationships may find themselves wanting to face that fear sooner rather than later.

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