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Making child support make sense

Many separated parents wonder how they can work together with their ex to help their child thrive. A person in New York who is new to the co-parenting concept may be wondering how to put child support in perspective. What is it exactly, and why is it so important? Answers to some of these questions can be found in a recent article on the topic. 

Dodging child support obligations in witness protection?

Some individuals will go to extreme lengths to avoid responsibilities. That's exactly what one New York man allegedly did when he claimed to be part of the witness protection program in order to avoid his child support obligations. The court disagreed with his claim, and the man faces significant payments or jail time. 

Falling behind on child support can have negative impacts

After going through divorce, many parents often take on new responsibilities. Some individuals may have more single-parenting time while others need to make child support payments. Unfortunately, issues can often arise with these new obligations, and in some cases, parents could fall considerably behind on support payments, and everyone involved could suffer. 

Former NFL player Meachem facing child support issues

Divorce can be difficult. Though many individuals hope that the proceedings will help close a chapter in their lives, there are often connections that result in divorced individuals having to remain in some semblance of contact with each other. In many cases, having children and owing child support leads to such continued contact. 

Failure to make child support payments lands dad in jail

When one is ordered to financially support his or her children, the state takes that order very seriously. Those who are found to be behind on child support payments may face a number of legal issues. This happens to be the case for one man in New York who was recently arrested for failing to provide the court-ordered support.

Failure to meet child support obligations could mean jail time

In New York and elsewhere, non-custodial parents who are ordered to financially support their children but fail to do so could face a number of serious consequences. Enforcement options vary, but the most extreme seems to be jail time. Meeting child support obligations is not optional. Those who do not pay may find themselves facing criminal charges.

How long does one have to pay child support?

Most parents want to do right by their children. However, when a non-custodial parent is required to pay child support, he or she may want to know how long the obligation to pay will last. The truth is, every state has different views regarding child support. In New York, parents are responsible for their children's financial well-being until the children reach the age of 21.

Actor Jeremy Renner paid up to settle child support matter

Perhaps better known as Hawkeye in the popular Marvel superhero movies, actor Jeremy Renner recently put his child custody and support issues to rest. Renner's ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, claimed that he was thousands of dollars behind on his child support payments. She also accused Renner of refusing to pay his portion of certain costs. This struggle might come as no surprise to New York parents who have faced child custody and support issues in the past.

What child support doesn't cover, and how to address it

Co-parenting after divorce is not always easy, but more often than not it is necessary in order for children's best interests to be respected. Co-parenting often requires New York parents to work together on child support and custody matters that are not always written into divorce settlements. When it comes to the daily costs of raising a child, child support obligations are sometimes called into question.

Monthly child support tops $13K for Jeremy Renner

Actor Jeremy Renner rose to fame portraying the character Hawkeye in the popular Avengers film franchise. More recently, he has been making New York headlines for a very different reason. Renner and his now ex-wife, model Sonni Pacheco, were in the public eye for much of their divorce process. For a considerable amount of time, the proceedings were hung up on certain issues. Now, with the divorce finalized, everything from child support to property division is finally settled.

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