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Parenting after divorce with shared child custody

A two-house parenting arrangement doesn't need to be a source of upset for the individual co-parent. Even during the holidays, when some people feel the need to have one big happy family, a shared child custody arrangement can come with some unexpected perks. In New York, with careful planning, a person may even find the shared custody to be a blessing that still allows him or her to be fully present for the child's needs. 

Choosing a child custody agreement that works

Income, housing, financial accounts -- there are more than a few items to be dealt with once a couple decides to separate. Not the least of these is child custody, should the individuals have children between them. Immediately after the separation, before a finalized agreement has been made, a parent may find a child custody "no man's land." In New York, without a formal arrangement, each parent has an equal claim to the child and few limitations on behavior. 

An app to track visitation

Trying to integrate the schedules of several individuals can get extremely tricky. This is especially true in cases of co-parenting after divorce. When both parents work, and the children have school and extracurricular activities, managing the daily routine can get complicated fast. One father has created an app that can manage financial tracking and visitation schedules that he think will help families in New York and across the United States. 

Child custody arrangements may help kids learn about quality time

Many New York parents may fear the idea of their kids becoming children of divorce. They may think that ending their relationship and putting the children through child custody changes will have more harmful results than positive outcomes. However, this type of life change can provide the opportunity to allow parents to teach their kids valuable skills and lessons.

Child custody terms may affect New York grandparents

The impacts of divorce can be far reaching and long lasting. Even individuals outside the immediate family can keenly feel the effects, especially when it comes to child custody. Grandparents in particular may fear the shift that can come along with these proceedings, and many individuals certainly hope that the custody arrangements do not adversely affect familial relationships.

Unnecessary difficulties can strain New York child custody

While ending a marriage may not commonly feel like a walk in the park, the situation can become even more difficult to approach when an ex-spouse is particularly contentious. Selfish individuals or parties with violent tendencies can often cause serious issues during and after the divorce process. As a result, many New York residents may find themselves wondering how to deal with unnecessary complications, especially when it comes to child custody.

Communication may play important role in New York child custody

Though most parents have a great deal of concern for their children, they may find themselves putting their kids in compromising positions. The parents may not realize that they have done so, as seemingly harmless actions can have considerable impacts on kids. Children may be particularly susceptible to feeling caught in a tough spot when it comes to their parents' divorce and child custody.

Danger may prompt New York parents to change child custody terms

One of the hardest situations a parent may have to go through involves determining custody for his or her children. Divorce often results in the court deciding child custody terms, and some parents may not always feel comfortable with those outcomes. Though the decisions should be in the best interests of the children, some agreements may need adjustments later on.

Child custody terms may set precedent for future interactions

When parents divorce, they often want to find the best solution for addressing the situation with their kids. Because child custody issues can take a serious toll on parents' lives and the lives of the children, doing what is best for the kids can make a considerable difference. Additionally, the decisions made during divorce proceedings can last well into the future. 

Child custody approach could impact how children handle divorce

Deciding to divorce is a choice that impacts many individuals. Such proceedings can go beyond simply the two married parties, and as a result, New York residents who are considering divorce may wish to determine the best methods for approaching the dissolution of their marriages, especially if children are involved. Because child custody can have a substantial impact, parents may wish to approach the topic with care.

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