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Serious issues could point New York residents to divorce

A jarring situation can often spur individuals into action. Unfortunately, some of those events could cause considerable devastation and make a person question various aspects of his or her life. When a spouse commits an unspeakable act, it is not unusual for an individual to feel the need to go through divorce in order to leave the relationship as soon as possible.

New York residents may be interested in one woman's tragic case that has led to her filing for divorce. Reports stated that the woman had a daughter but was married to a man who was not the girl's father. Recently, the stepfather was taken into custody and charged with murder after the daughter's body was found approximately two miles from their home. 

Obviously, the woman no longer wishes to be married to the man and has begun the process to dissolve the marriage. The records for her case are sealed, and therefore, further details on the situation are not available. Hopefully, the woman will find the divorce method that makes her situation move forward as smoothly as possible in the face of the tragedy she has already suffered. 

Though this type of situation may be an uncommon catalyst for divorce, many serious issues could lead New York residents to want to end their relationships. Some of those reasons may be tragic while others are more simple, but whatever the case may be, individuals likely want to find the best course of action for their circumstances. Experienced attorneys could help interested parties explore their options and move forward effectively.

Source:, "Murdered teen's mother divorcing the man charged with killing her", Craig Smith, June 7, 2017

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