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Communication may play important role in New York child custody

Though most parents have a great deal of concern for their children, they may find themselves putting their kids in compromising positions. The parents may not realize that they have done so, as seemingly harmless actions can have considerable impacts on kids. Children may be particularly susceptible to feeling caught in a tough spot when it comes to their parents' divorce and child custody.

Many New York parents often have a difficult time communicating with each other after divorce. However, a mistake that parents may want to avoid is using their children to relay messages from one parent to another. This situation can put a great deal of stress on kids as they may feel that they are no longer being cared for by both parents but, rather, fell like they are only acting as a messenger. 

If parents begin to rely on children to act as messengers, the stress can take a considerable toll on the kids, especially if a child forgets to tell one parent something and a fight occurs as a result. Therefore, parents may want to be more willing to discuss important issues with each other rather than hoping to avoid speaking to one another. The topics can remain solely based on the children and do not necessarily have to be specifically more personal.

Though child custody decisions can be immensely difficult to make and parents can have a hard time continuing contact with each other after divorce, keeping their kids' best interests in mind could help avoid unnecessary stress on those children. Therefore, parents may want to explore their custody options and assess their situation to determine the most plausible methods for communication. Experienced New York attorneys could provide assistance with this endeavor for parties who would like legal insight.

Source: Lamorinda, CA Patch, "Children Are Not Mailboxes: Divorced Parents Must Communicate With Each Other", Susan C. Schena, June 26, 2017

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