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Actor Jesse Williams, wife heading for divorce

There are many factors to consider in ending a marriage. Even after the decision to divorce has been made, parties will need to address property division, custody, alimony and a myriad of other life aspects based on their relationship and future lives. Because there is so much to address, many individuals may find themselves facing uncertainty when it comes to the outcomes of their cases. 

New York residents may be interested to know that actor Jesse Williams and his wife of five years have decided to divorce. Though the pair are apparently trying to move forward amicably, reports have already indicated that Williams does not want to pay alimony and that it is likely there is no prenuptial agreement in place. As a result, some complications could arise if the parties are unable to agree on terms.

It was also reported that Williams hopes to gain joint custody of the couple's children. He and his wife have a daughter and a son together, both under the age of 5. At this point, it is unclear whether relocation could be an issue as Williams' soon-to-be ex apparently does not like living in Los Angeles. 

As this case demonstrates, various aspects could put even civil couples in the potential position to face complications. Whether the issues deal with money or custody, anyone may need more information on how to work toward their desired outcomes. Discussing concerns and goals with experienced divorce attorneys could help interested individuals in New York determine the best ways to approach their cases.

Source:, "Everything We Know About Jesse Williams And Aryn Drake-Lee's Divorce", Lauren Porter, April 27, 2017

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