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What child support doesn't cover, and how to address it

Co-parenting after divorce is not always easy, but more often than not it is necessary in order for children's best interests to be respected. Co-parenting often requires New York parents to work together on child support and custody matters that are not always written into divorce settlements. When it comes to the daily costs of raising a child, child support obligations are sometimes called into question.

Child support typically covers part of the basic costs of raising a child, including housing, food and health care. Other costs, however, are not as clearly addressed. Extracurricular activities usually come with signup costs and additional requirements, such as purchasing a team uniform. But who pays for these costs? Parents with primary custody tend to want the other parent to pay, while parents who are already paying child support often feel as if they should not have to shell out additional funds.

Although both parents might have valid points regarding the financial aspect of paying these costs, this does not negate that they still need to be paid. For some, an agreement can be reached between themselves. Others find that it is helpful to return to the parenting agreement in order to go into further detail regarding who pays for what costs.

Since child support obligations do not necessarily cover the costs of children's extracurricular activities, divorced parents sometimes find themselves at a loss. However, there are solutions. New York parents going through the divorce process should be sure to cover these types of expenses in their settlements in an effort to avoid future issues on the matter.

Source: San Mateo, CA Patch, "Parenting and Child-Related Money Issues After Divorce", Sept. 6, 2016

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