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Actor Jeremy Renner paid up to settle child support matter

Perhaps better known as Hawkeye in the popular Marvel superhero movies, actor Jeremy Renner recently put his child custody and support issues to rest. Renner's ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, claimed that he was thousands of dollars behind on his child support payments. She also accused Renner of refusing to pay his portion of certain costs. This struggle might come as no surprise to New York parents who have faced child custody and support issues in the past.

The couple was only married for 10 months before they filed for a divorce in Dec. 2014. In July 2016, Pacheco said that Renner had failed to keep up with child support and owed at least $50,000 in back support. This claim was on top of an accusation that he skipped out on paying his portion of the pre-school bill, which comes to $1,600 every month.

Renner currently pays $13,000 monthly for child support while also sharing custody of his young daughter. However, he claims that not only did he never skip out on any of his payments, but that pre-school costs were never covered in their agreement. Still, just weeks after his ex accused him of falling behind he agreed to pay an additional $16,000 in support while also covering her $24,000 in legal fees.

Child support can be a contentious issue for parents in New York, especially when one parent is accused of not complying with the agreement. Ultimately, child support payments should reflect not only a child's needs and basic living expenses, but also a parent's ability to pay. Parents who have trouble making monthly child support payments or who suspect that their ex is falling behind on payments can return to family law court in order to address these types of sensitive issues.

Source:, "Jeremy Renner settles child support case", Bryan Hood, Sept. 7, 2016

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