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September 2016 Archives

Family vacations influence seasonal divorce trends, experts say

Fighting over money and spending less time together tend to be perceived as indicators that a marriage is heading south, but experts believe there could be another risk factor that most people in New York are not aware of. Family vacations are often depicted as a time for loved ones to relax and spend time with one another, but packing up the minivan could also increase the risk of divorce. This seems to fall in line with the apparent seasonal spike in divorce filings.

Three elements of the divorce process

It goes without saying that divorce is complicated. The experience can lead to back-and-forth courtroom bickering, bitter disputes over assets, and volatile battles that extend far beyond a judge's legal ability to end with a ruling. The process can take as much time to prepare for as it does to complete. However, there are ways to make the process as amicable, expedient and stress-free as possible.

Second can marriages still end in divorce, prenups can help

Second marriages are not uncommon in New York. For many couples they present an opportunity to do things differently than the first time around, including planning for the possibility of divorce. Prenuptial agreements can be especially helpful for second marriages, when individuals tend to be older and more established in their careers with much more to lose.

Actor Jeremy Renner paid up to settle child support matter

Perhaps better known as Hawkeye in the popular Marvel superhero movies, actor Jeremy Renner recently put his child custody and support issues to rest. Renner's ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, claimed that he was thousands of dollars behind on his child support payments. She also accused Renner of refusing to pay his portion of certain costs. This struggle might come as no surprise to New York parents who have faced child custody and support issues in the past.

What child support doesn't cover, and how to address it

Co-parenting after divorce is not always easy, but more often than not it is necessary in order for children's best interests to be respected. Co-parenting often requires New York parents to work together on child support and custody matters that are not always written into divorce settlements. When it comes to the daily costs of raising a child, child support obligations are sometimes called into question.

Divorce does not have to mean a financial failure

Ending a marriage can be a difficult task not just emotionally, but also financially. Delaying filing for divorce due to fears of the potential financial impact is not necessarily ideal, many people in New York do so. While this type of financial concern might be valid, it can also be addressed beforehand in order to make divorce proceedings as straight forward as possible.

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