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Experts claim divorce season is in full swing

Ending a marriage is often seen as a uniquely personal decision, but could cultural norms be influencing when people make those decisions? Researchers say yes. As summer fades away, the divorce rate tends to go up not just in New York, but also across the country.

A study of filings from 2008 to 2011 demonstrated that divorce filings tend to begin rising first in January before it peaks in March, and then falls again. Researchers were also able to pinpoint a spike in divorce filings that occurs annually in August. What do these months have in common? For most families, the big holidays tend to occur during summer and winter, and it's immediately after these periods that divorce filings begin to rise.

It is not necessarily that the holidays cause people to divorce, but that couples might actively postpone filing until the holidays and vacations are over. This is especially true of couples who have children and are hoping to make it through one last holiday before everything changes. However, some experts also believe that holidays provide time for individuals to reflect back on their decisions and feelings about their marriages.

Filing for divorce can also be a stressful event in a person's life, and for some it simply makes more sense to delay doing so until the hectic holiday seasons have passed. Still, it is usually a good idea to begin preparing for the process even before it starts. Individuals in New York can be as prepared as possible by collecting all of the necessary financial documents -- including bank account information and paystubs -- before they even make the initial filing.

Source:, "Why Late Summer Is America's Divorce Season", Joshua A. Krisch, Aug. 22, 2016

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