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June 2016 Archives

Fathers continue to advocate for larger role in child custody

The typical family in New York might look much different than it did generations ago. Increasingly, both parents are employed outside of the home and take on equal parenting roles. Family law does not always reflect this reality, though, leaving some parents left playing non-vital roles in child custody agreements.

Prenups don't predict divorce, but they help in the event of one

Popular media such as TV shows and movies would have most people in New York believe one thing about prenups -- that they are a solid indication that a marriage is doomed to fail. This is an exceedingly common belief that does not actually reflect the reality in which most people live. Rather than acting as a predictor of divorce, prenuptial agreements serve a valuable role by protecting and securing important assets.

Important policy changes you should make during divorce

By the time divorce proceedings are over, most people feel fairly confident that everything relevant to the process is completed. This is understandable, as everything from asset division to signing the final divorce settlement tends to feel drawn out and especially thorough. Unfortunately, certain things can still be overlooked.

Divorce affects children, regardless of their ages

Staying together for the kids is an often-cited explanation for why otherwise unhappy parents choose not to end their marriages. New York parents are often under the impression that filing for divorce while their children are still at home will cause irreparable harm. As it turns out, children of all ages -- both minors and adults -- still experience emotional struggles when their parents split up, indicating that some couples might be delaying divorce without valid reasons.

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