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Make sure you're represented in the family courtroom

Going before a family law judge can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether a person is in a family courtroom for a child custody disagreement or for a divorce issue, having the right help can make appearing in court a much easier experience overall. Our firm has a deep understanding of New York family law as well as how it is typically interpreted and implemented by various area judges.

Parents petitioning for a child custody modification or who are unable to reach an agreement in the first place sometimes feel as if the only thing they need to take to court with them are the necessary requested documents. There is no doubt that providing paper proof of finances and other documents required by the court should be brought along. However, merely having proof of another parent's inability to act in a child's best interests is not sufficient for achieving a favorable outcome.

Unlike courtrooms that people typically see on TV and in movies, there are no juries in family court. Those going before the judge must understand which arguments are compelling and most likely to result in a judgment that is based on reason and facts rather than emotional pleas. This is especially important in matters involving children.

We believe that each and every one of our clients who must enter the family courtroom should be well prepared and represented. Our years of dedication to research and family law allow us to provide both to the people of New York. Additional information regarding our family law services are available on our website.

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