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May 2016 Archives

Make sure you're represented in the family courtroom

Going before a family law judge can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether a person is in a family courtroom for a child custody disagreement or for a divorce issue, having the right help can make appearing in court a much easier experience overall. Our firm has a deep understanding of New York family law as well as how it is typically interpreted and implemented by various area judges.

As divorce rates level out, gray divorce continues to rise

Doe-eyed lovers often recite "till death do us part" when marrying, but most people in New York understand that this sentiment is more customary than binding. Real life can create a number of different obstacles for married couples, some of which can be surpassed, and some that cannot. As divorce becomes a more accepted reality for modern day life, many older couples are now foregoing the aforementioned aspect of their vows.

Birdnesting a growing trend in child custody arrangements

For divorcing parents, aspects of child custody often overlap with asset division. Figuring out what to do with a marital home can be intimately intertwined with which parent has primary physical custody, as custodial parents sometimes have strong desires to keep their children in a familiar setting. A new trend in child custody forgoes the need for deciding which partner will stay in the house.

Pursuing a strong and stable future after divorce

The end of a marriage can bring many complications and emotional hardships for all parties involved, even if the couple is amicable. When walking through the complex process of divorce in New York, a person should take steps to protect his or her interests during negotiations. This requires putting aside emotions in order to clearly see how to pursue a strong post-divorce future. 

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