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Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale finalize divorce

Pop singer Gwen Stefani first rose to fame as the lead singer of the popular band No Doubt. Stefani and her ex-husband -- Bush front-man Gavin Rossdale -- recently finalized their surprisingly amicable divorce. Celebrity and other high-asset divorces are perhaps most well-known in New York for their ability to become complicated and contentious, but this pair managed to reach an agreeable divorce settlement even without the help of a prenuptial agreement.

Rights to the music that they produced were not split in half, but rather each artist kept the rights to the music that he or she respectively produced. The rights to No Doubt's music dwarf Bush's, but there were concessions made elsewhere that might put each party on more equitable ground. The couple owned four different homes in Europe, to which Rossdale gained the rights to all. Stefani will instead keep two stateside homes and half of the profits from the sale of a third home.

Neither party will receive or pay any type of spousal or child support to the other, although that does not mean that they are leaving their children's financial care to chance. Rather than send support checks back and forth, an expense account was created specifically for use on the children, into which Stefani and Rossdale both deposited $1 million. Reports indicate that they also agreed on how to handle custody of the kids. Rossdale and Stefani will reportedly share joint legal and physical custody of their children.

The Stefani-Rossdale divorce appears to certainly be the exception to the rule when it comes to celebrity divorces or splits that involve significant assets. However, keeping things amicable has more benefits than a bit of good press. For most New York couples, settling a divorce without having to go through litigation can significantly decrease the time, money and emotions involved in a breakup.

Source: TMZ, "Gwen Stefani Divorce Gavin Didn't Get My Music...Or My Fashion Line", April 20, 2016

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