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Author Shaunti Feldhahn says the divorce rate is all wrong

Television shows, movies and even sometimes New York news reports point to a long-believed statistic that claims half of all marriages do not go the distance. While it is not totally clear why that particular myth rose in popularity and was then embraced by so many, author Shaunti Feldhahn says she has good news. According to her, the divorce rate is much lower than the previously believed 50 percent.

Feldhahn has spent eight years researching her latest book called "The Good News About Marriage." She shared some of the insight she discovered during those years of research at a speaking event. Citing numerous marriage studies, she says that 71 percent of married individuals are still with their first spouses.

That particular figure came from data collected by the Census Bureau, which she points out is rather significant and convincing. Additional data found that only 29 percent of people who were once married and no longer are did not necessarily paint an accurate picture of divorce rates. Not only were divorced individuals included in that 29 percent, but so were couples who remained married until one of the spouses passed away.

Part of Feldhahn's angle with her new book appears to be giving practical advice to married couples, which is an admirable goal. Still, it is important to remember that marriage is not a simple situation in which New York couples can be assured of success as long as they follow certain steps. No matter what the actual divorce rate is, when a marriage is no longer viable, it can be appropriate for couples to take the necessary steps toward filing for divorce.

Source:, "Author finds divorce rates are lower than believed", Emilie Arroyo, April 14, 2016

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