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Representation matters in the family courtroom

Creating a mutually agreeable child custody agreement that is based on a child's best interests can be a difficult task. Most parents in New York hope to accomplish this feat by negotiating with one another or, in other circumstances, with the help of mediation. We understand that this is simply not the reality for everyone and that proceeding to the family courtroom can sometimes be necessary.

There are few -- if any -- matters in life that are more important to parents than their children. Because of this, child custody matters are typically the most important aspects of the entire divorce process. This can also be an area of great sensitivity. Whether parents are tasked with creating a custody plan for the first time or petitioning the court for a modification, having the right representation is key to success.

Hearings in family court may be presided over by either a judge or support magistrate. These professionals listen and take into account the arguments and compelling support provided by each party before making a decision. That decision is typically final, although parents may contest the order on appeal or by filing a petition for a modification to either a support or custody agreement.

Child custody agreements should never be taken lightly. We understand the demands of the family courtroom and the difficult position in which some New York families find themselves. Our firm has tirelessly dedicated decades of service to the community by making sure that all of our clients have access to our full attention and breadth of family law knowledge.

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