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March 2016 Archives

Public opinion of divorce shifted dramatically over past years

Irreconcilable differences is one of the most commonly cited grounds for divorce, but exactly what those differences are is not the same for every couple in New York. Indeed, the decision to file for divorce is deeply personal, and often something that only the couple truly understands. Still, recent surveys have found that the general public's opinions on divorce are becoming steadily more critical.

Representation matters in the family courtroom

Creating a mutually agreeable child custody agreement that is based on a child's best interests can be a difficult task. Most parents in New York hope to accomplish this feat by negotiating with one another or, in other circumstances, with the help of mediation. We understand that this is simply not the reality for everyone and that proceeding to the family courtroom can sometimes be necessary.

Options for co-owned businesses during divorce

Dividing marital assets during a divorce does not have to be difficult, but the process can quickly become complicated when more significant assets are at stake. For instance, a business owned jointly by both spouses can seem intimidating to address during asset division. With careful attention to options and details, New York couples do not have to forego divorce out of concern for how it will affect the business.

New York appeals court denies O'Reilly's child custody appeal

Bill O'Reilly's long-lasting custody battle was originally a confidential affair, but recent leaks provide a deeper insight into why a New York state appeals court denied his recent request. While child custody decisions take a myriad of factors in consideration, what the final version ultimately boils down to is whatever is in a child's best interests. For O'Reilly's teen children, the court ruled that remaining with their mother was best.

Divorce involves much more than emotional issues

Divorce is always an emotional process --from the time a couple first considers the notion until the divorce is finalized, and sometimes, beyond. However, divorce typically also has significant financial consequences. New York individuals who focus only on the emotional aspects may jeopardize their post-divorce financial stability.

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