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Divorce proceedings can easily be kept to a minimum

Divorce is not an instantaneous process, but it does not have to drag on for an unnecessary amount of time either. There are many advantages to wrapping up a divorce in an appropriate time frame, including financial and emotional benefits. Instead of trying to hurry a divorce along, most people in New York can benefit more from focusing on not slowing it down.

It can be tempting to refuse to comply with an ex's request for information, but doing so can cause a tremendous amount of difficulty. When one party is unable to get the requested information, his or her counsel will typically proceed to file a motion in court. This can lead to a hearing before a judge and can add months on to the entire process. Ultimately, the requested information will have to be produced one way or another, and it is often easier to set aside volatile emotions in exchange for a quicker process.

Simply being unprepared can be another time drain during divorce. Many individuals fail to gather all the necessary financial documents and information prior to filing for divorce. Full disclosure of finances and assets are an important part of property division, and retrieving some of that information after filing can be difficult, especially when the couple no longer shares the same home. Putting off filing for a few weeks in order to get together all of the necessary documents can actually save months of difficulty in the future.

Of course every divorce is unique, and extenuating and unusual circumstances can require a lengthier divorce process. However, lengthy divorces tend to be the exception, not the rule, and couples in New York do not have to resign themselves to long, courtroom battles. Careful planning and attention to detail can prevent unnecessary time in court over otherwise insignificant battles.

Source:, "4 Things That Can Make a Divorce Drag On", Rebecca Zung, Feb. 18, 2016

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