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Best time to file for divorce varies by couple

As divorce filings begin to rise toward their annual peak, some couples are still in the process of weighing the potential benefits of starting the divorce process. When couples know that a marriage is over, it is rarely valuable to hang on well past the time that a divorce is needed, but each couple will certainly have their own unique needs related to the process. It might make sense for some to plow forward into the process, while others might have understandable reservations.

Deciding to finally file for divorce at the start of a brand new year typically lines up with other goals and resolutions. For those who have resolved to become the best person that they can be, starting the process of ending a disastrous marriage can be the right choice. Others might have even resolved to leave a broken marriage before the start of the new year, but they were waiting until the conclusion of the holiday season before filing. Still, making the decision about when to actually file can be a uniquely personal experience for people in New York.

On the other hand, there are perfectly reasonable indications that rushing to file for divorce might not be advisable. For instance, it is almost always a good idea to have all relevant financial information on hand prior to filing, so it is usually best to defer initiating the process until the necessary documents have been acquired. The actual cost of the divorce is important as well. While there are many options to minimize the cost of a divorce, there are still associated costs that must be met.

When a marriage is no longer viable or possible to resurrect, divorce is usually the best and most appropriate option for unhappy couples in New York. For some, the urge to rush forward and file can be a competent choice to make, while for others, rushing the process can create additional road blocks and barriers. In general, all couples considering ending their marriage should first determine when is the most appropriate time to file.

Source: Forbes, "Should You Start Divorce Proceedings In January?", Jeff Landers, Jan. 26, 2016

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