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Monthly child support tops $13K for Jeremy Renner

Actor Jeremy Renner rose to fame portraying the character Hawkeye in the popular Avengers film franchise. More recently, he has been making New York headlines for a very different reason. Renner and his now ex-wife, model Sonni Pacheco, were in the public eye for much of their divorce process. For a considerable amount of time, the proceedings were hung up on certain issues. Now, with the divorce finalized, everything from child support to property division is finally settled.

Pacheco initially filed the divorce papers in Jan. 2015, simply citing irreconcilable differences. At the time, the couple had been married for 10 months. Early on in the process the two could not come to an agreement concerning custody of their young daughter. Renner expressed concern that his ex, who is not a citizen of the United States, would attempt to take their daughter and flee back to her home country. This dispute was settled in April with the couple deciding to share custody, but the process was far from over.

The couple was unable to reach any agreeable terms for a divorce settlement through alternative dispute resolution methods, and instead turned to court in order to settle certain issues. With their divorce finalized on Dec. 29, 2015, it was revealed that Pacheco will not receive any type of spousal support from her ex-husband. However, Renner will pay monthly child support to the tune of $13,000. While that total might seem extravagant, it certainly makes sense based on his $2.3 million annual income.

For the financial-focused couple, going to court over divorce issues might be understandably less than ideal. Attempting to come to an agreement on a divorce settlement through mediation is often a popular choice among divorcing couples in New York for many different reasons, financial considerations included. However, should a couple be unable to agree on important issues -- such as spousal or child support -- it can be appropriate to consider the possible benefits of taking a divorce before a family law judge.

Source: Us Weekly, "Jeremy Renner Finalizes Divorce, Will Pay Sonni Pacheco $13K a Month", Esther Lee, Dec. 30, 2015

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