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January 2016 Archives

Filing for divorce? Don't forget about your debt

The house, investments and even the living room furniture -- New York couples usually expect to address the division of all of these assets during divorce. But what about debt? Most Americans live with at least some level of debt, including credit card balances. Still, even though the vast majority of couples who decide to divorce are walking around with credit cards in their wallets, the idea of separating this debt during a divorce is rarely thought of beforehand.

Don't let divorce wreck your retirement plans

Proper retirement planning often begins early in life, and a divorce at any age can seriously impact those plans. However, the older a person is when he or she files for divorce, the greater the impact. This makes the handling of asset division especially important for New York couples no matter their age.

Sharing child custody can benefit children

When parents decide to divorce, child custody is usually one of the first concerns that is addressed, and it can be one of the last to be settled. The vast majority of New York parents simply want what is best for their children, but their goals can become muddied by their own desires to maintain custody or exact revenge on ex-spouses by constraining their time with the children. However, the average child typically benefits most from a child custody plan that actively involves both parents.

Monthly child support tops $13K for Jeremy Renner

Actor Jeremy Renner rose to fame portraying the character Hawkeye in the popular Avengers film franchise. More recently, he has been making New York headlines for a very different reason. Renner and his now ex-wife, model Sonni Pacheco, were in the public eye for much of their divorce process. For a considerable amount of time, the proceedings were hung up on certain issues. Now, with the divorce finalized, everything from child support to property division is finally settled.

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