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Child support issues that New York parents sometimes face

Many New York residents unexpectedly wind up in divorce court. Divorce is never easy and is obviously a major life-changing event. When children are involved, matters can become emotionally charged and especially complicated. Issues of child support and other financial matters can be challenging for someone who is not used to living as a single parent.

A parent who is providing for his or her children after divorce may face particular monetary challenges. Because raising children is expensive and the current economy makes saving money difficult, single parents sometimes struggle to find ways to set aside money for unexpected expenditures that arise in an emergency or day-to-day circumstance. Some divorced/single parents request that tax forms be disclosed so that they can request an increase in child support payments should a payer's income be raised.

Child support payments may come to an end after a child turns 18, though exceptions exist. Both alimony and child support cease if a payer dies, though claims for past due amounts may be made against the payer's estate. Moreover, payers who lose their jobs may cease making court-ordered payments on their own and/or seek formal court approval for doing so. Understanding the law that governs such issues and enabling oneself to make informed decisions are typically prudent choices to make in such circumstances.

Family law attorneys in New York are often consulted by parents who are seeking answers to legal questions regarding child support issues and other matters of single parenting after divorce.  Retaining the help of a legal advocate allows a single parent to have an experienced attorney act on his or her behalf in court. Typically, this is a significant benefit when negotiating various issues regarding future financial plans and payments.

Source:, "8 Financial Tips for Single Parents Facing the Holidays", Andrea Murad, Nov. 27, 2015

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