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December 2015 Archives

Want to undo a divorce? Don't file in New York

The act of filing for divorce is not exactly known for prompting reconciliation between couples, but that is not to say that it is impossible. A couple from a nearby state made national headlines when they unsuccessfully attempted to undo their divorce. While this is an acceptable option in some states, it is currently not permitted in New York.

Find your documents before filing for divorce

The holiday season is often a time for family and reflection, but people in New York who are spending the holidays thinking of a divorce are certainly not alone. While divorce rates tend to hit yearly lows in December, with the New Year comes new resolutions and a sharp increase in divorce filings. However, instead of filing the moment that the calendar flips over, taking the time to gather necessary documents and information can make the process significantly easier.

Social media can be dangerous in a New York divorce

Nearly everyone has a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account these days. People consider those they are connected to by these social media sites to be their friends and family. As such, they tend to feel comfortable sharing information that they would not necessarily want the general public to know. For example, during a New York divorce, the posts and pictures people share could end up as evidence in the proceedings.

Dying mother, stepdad fights biological father for child custody

Protecting the best interests of the children is often the most important child custody consideration in New York and countrywide. However, the court's perception of what is best for the children may differ from that of each of the parents. When it is a blended family, a stepparent might also seek to be heard. This is the case in a child custody dispute that might land up in court.

Child support issues that New York parents sometimes face

Many New York residents unexpectedly wind up in divorce court. Divorce is never easy and is obviously a major life-changing event. When children are involved, matters can become emotionally charged and especially complicated. Issues of child support and other financial matters can be challenging for someone who is not used to living as a single parent.

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