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November 2015 Archives

Data indicates a downward trend for divorce rates

If some mainstream sources of news are to be believed, it would appear that the state of marriage in New York is on the edge of a cliff. While the divorce process might be more visible than it was in the past, the actual divorce rate is on a steady downward trend all across America. There could be any number of causes that account for the decline, some of which were addressed by experts following the release of data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Divorce battle over frozen embryos comes to an end

Advances in health care technology have created more opportunities than ever before for ill or injured individuals in New York to still have biological children. One of the more popular techniques includes freezing embryos for future use. However, as technology advances and evolves, so must family law when it comes time to determine what happens to frozen embryos in a divorce.

Plastic surgeon convicted after hiding assets in divorce

Concealing assets or other important financial information can be tempting during an emotionally charged divorce, but doing so typically causes much more harm and legal troubles than anything else. As an equitable distribution state, New York family law requires that all marital property in a divorce be divided between two parties according to what is fair. Any type of property settlement based upon only partial or incomplete asset information cannot be truly equal for either party.

Maintaining power and control of a divorce is possible

For spouses nationwide, including in New York, divorce is likely to be a devastating experience. While many divorcing spouses are adamant not to give away power and maintain control of their own lives throughout the divorce proceedings, some just give up and allow others to control proceedings and make important decisions on their behalves. However, with experienced legal counsel, anybody can avoid being a victim in divorce.

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