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Megan Fox to divorce husband of 5 years

Actress Megan Fox shot to stardom after staring in the popular "Transformer" movies, but more recently her name has been in the headlines for a very different reason. Fox filed for divorce from Brian Austin Green, her husband with whom she shares two children. Since then, Green has requested that Fox pay spousal support.

The divorce filing stated that the couple separated in June 2015 for irreconcilable differences, a popular reason listed by those who intend to pursue a no-fault divorce in New York. Spousal support is also a common request when one spouse earns significantly more than the other, which might be the case here. Fox has continued a steady pace of acting gigs, including a yet-to-be-aired role on "New Girl," while Green has been unable to work since he developed vertigo in a bad car accident.

He has also requested joint custody of their two young boys, a decision that Fox also requested in her original divorce filing. While their apparent mutual agreement concerning child custody will most likely ease that aspect of divorce, other issues -- such as property division -- might present more of a challenge. The couple did not choose to sign a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle, and there could possibly be some contention concerning any royalties or earnings from separate entertainment endeavors.

Even with the growing popularity of prenuptial agreements, many New York couples still choose to get married without entering into this type of agreement. In the absence of a prenup and any extenuating circumstances, property is divvied up according to equitable distribution during a divorce. Equitable distribution does not cleave marital assets in two and then give each party an equal half, but instead strives to ensure that both people end up with a share of the property that is most fair to the situation.

Source:, "Brian Austin Green Asks Megan Fox For Spousal Support, Joint Custody Of Two Children", Lucille Barilla, Sept. 30, 2015

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