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Divorce is often an emotionally charged process that, depending on the couple, can present unique challenges. New York parents typically have significant concerns regarding child custody agreements, and if there are any ongoing disputes or family issues, the process can be especially strained. We understand how sensitive these types of situations can be, but that does not mean that an amicable agreement is out of reach.

There is little denying that, for the typical family, both parents play a meaningful and important role in their children's lives. Child custody agreements should reflect and respect those familial connections. As parents now play more and more equal roles than parents in prior generations, joint custody is a popular option to maintain these relationships.

However, while families are continually evolving into a new norm, many families continue to have one parent as a primary caretaker while another works outside of the home. This situation is most appropriate for some families, but it does have certain implications for child custody. When one parent has been primarily responsible for a child's well-being, joint custody is not always in the child's best interests, which can leave one parent upset or feeling as though they have been left out of the equation.

The best interests of the child should always front and center for any child custody agreement, but those needs differ from family to family. Our clients in New York have continually benefited from our careful and knowledgeable guidance through what can often be an emotionally difficult process. If you are unsure how this type of experience can be of benefit, be sure to visit our website for more information.

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