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Age at marriage affects your divorce risk, researchers claim

Whether it's the influence it plays on job opportunities or how it can affect going back to school, age is a hotly discussed and intensely studied aspect of life. More recently, researchers took a hard look at how age can impact the possibility of divorce and came up with what could possibly be the so-called "perfect" age to marry. Perhaps most interesting is the discovery that the ideal age to marry has shifted over time.

By combing through data that ranged from 1995 all the way up to current day, one researcher found that the chance of divorce for New York couples married after age 32 have increased. This was determined to still be true even after various influences were controlled for, including ethnicity and location. The effect is so pronounced that, for every additional year after age 32, the risk of ultimately divorcing increases by approximately 5 percent.

It is more than just waiting too long to get married. Although putting off walking down the aisle can indicate significant issues with handling interpersonal relationships, getting married too young can be just as risky. Those who get married in their teenage years or early 20s also face a higher risk of divorce than couples who we in their late 20s. That age range appears to be the sweet spot for getting married with the lowest risk of untying the knot.

This does not necessarily mean that getting married too late or too early in life is essentially a death sentence for a marriage, but the increased risk is hard to ignore. Still, every couple in New York will experience their own ups and downs and unique issues that can lead to divorce, many of which have no relation to age whatsoever. Even couples who waited until the scientifically-backed age range to wed still face the possibility of divorce. Still, family law protects all couples equally, and absent any extraordinary circumstances, virtually all couples can reach an agreeable divorce settlement.

Source:, "Divorce rises for those who wed too early or too late. Perfect age to tie the knot?", Heather Holeman, Oct. 21, 2015

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