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Divorce papers filed more often by women than by men

Modern day marital expectations have shifted considerably from previous decades, and those expectations could be fueling divorce rates for one gender in particular. Women in New York are far more likely to file for divorce than their male counterparts, and many of the possible explanations seem to resolve around a fairly simple factor -- happiness. While there might be no single reason behind any couple's divorce, researchers have found some very compelling reasons for the propensity of many women to file for divorce.

Historically, many married women were expected to care for any children and the house while unable to pursue careers outside of the home. This is no longer the reality of modern marriage in America, and many people expect that whoever they marry will not only take on an equal burden of responsibility, but will also be a number of other things, including a best friend. While these expectations might seem ideal, they can have a dangerous downside.

A five year survey of over 2,200 couples found that women reported feeling less satisfied with their marital relationships. That same study discovered that women are the ones actually filing for roughly 69 percent of divorces. The researchers believe that this could be because most women expect that marriage will have a slew of benefits, certainly more than women used to have, but that reality rarely meets expectations.

Satisfaction with a marriage can be influenced by any number of factors, including let-down expectations, infidelity and irreconcilable differences. While women in New York might have an overall higher expectation for marital satisfaction, this does not mean that men never initiate divorce proceedings or don't feel unhappy with their marriages. When it comes down to it, it ultimately does not matter who actually filed for divorce, and both parties should remain focused on the goal of achieving an equitable and comprehensive settlement.

Source: The Washington Post, "Women are more likely to initiate divorce", Yanan Wang, Aug. 27, 2015

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