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August 2015 Archives

Financial security after divorce isn't a myth

Most people want to come out on the other side of a divorce with the same or even better financial situation than they enjoyed prior to filing. While a spike in financial standing might be somewhat of a difficult goal to attain, a divorce does not equal financial devastation. With some careful attention to detail, New York couples can be sure of the successful completion of their divorce.

Ashley Madison leak could forecast rise in divorce

Clients of the infamous Ashley Madison website have some experts in the divorce industry on edge. The website, which helps married individuals connect with one another to have extramarital affairs, was targeted by a hack that collected its list of clients. Now that the list has been released to the general public, some suspect that the divorce rate could soon be on the rise in New York and across the country.

Spike in celebrity divorce filings likely not random

Fans and aficionados of celebrities and their personal lives might have noticed what appears to be a significant spike in divorce filings among the rich and famous. The sudden increase might seem random at first; however, just as most New York couples tend to plan filing for divorce as strategically as possible, so do their celebrity counterparts. As one expert reveals, the timing of these divorces are likely not random at all.

Is it really necessary to have a child support order?

Without a child support order in place, neither parent can be held legally accountable in court to the other for costs associated with raising a child. Typically, divorcing parents in New York address the issue of child support and custody during the divorce process, and they are often given the opportunity to negotiate these issues without the need for court intervention. However, final approval from the court is typically still necessary.

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