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July 2015 Archives

Could age indicate a future divorce? Some researchers say 'yes'

Age might be nothing but a number in some aspects of life, but some experts claim it could have a pretty significant impact on New York couples' love lives. Studies apparently show that a person's age at the time of their marriage could indicate the chance of possibly divorcing later on. Of course, this study does not claim that anyone who marries outside of the so-called ideal age will be sure to divorce, but the findings might still be intriguing to some.

Securing financial stability after divorce is possible

Financial worries are valid concerns that can prevent New York couples who would otherwise benefit from a divorce from even beginning the filing process. People are often especially worried that they will end up making all of the wrong decisions, leaving themselves financially devastated. However, careful attention and helpful guidance is typically sufficient to ensure a stable outcome after divorce.

Kevin Ulrich to file for divorce from interior designer wife

Kevin Ulrich -- the owner of a prominent investment firm in New York -- and his wife, interior designer Laura Santos, are calling it quits after being married for the past 10 years. Although no divorce papers have been filed yet, the couple has already begun the process of splitting up their assets. A reported $21.5 million has already passed hands as part of this process. 

Can I collect my ex's Social Security benefits after divorce?

Financial plans and savings made during the course of a marriage are typically done with the intention of being for the future benefit of both parties. Similarly, any accrued Social Security benefits from one spouse's work history are often intended as retirement support for not just that individual, but for his or her spouse as well. When New York couples choose to divorce, what exactly happens to all of those Social Security benefits?

Current divorce trends could mirror technologies impact on life

By now, most people in New York understand the role that Facebook and other social media can apparently play in a divorce, but is it the only technology in the mix? As GPS-enabled apps and wearable tech rise in popularity, information gathered from them is popping up in divorce filings at a seemingly steady pace. However, this does not seem to indicate that using this type of technology is to blame for getting a divorce, but rather an indication of divorce filings mirroring the impact of modern technology on life.

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