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Worried about your health? There's no need to avoid divorce

Some people in New York may be familiar with the recent studies that seemed to indicate a link between divorce and a decrease in overall health. However, some experts claim that there is evidence to contradict the notion that getting a divorce means taking a hit to your health. Although there might be a short-term health impact, when looking at the long-term, there was no real difference. 

For instance, individuals who had divorced and then later remarried were found to be at the same risk for suffering from a cardiovascular problem as their peers who had never divorced. Indeed, the researchers discovered that, out of the sample group, people who had never married in the first place were at the highest risk for serious health problems. The latter seems to support past studies that have indicated that married couples enjoy better overall health than those who choose to remain unmarried. 

Men in particular have been noted to suffer from an immediate decline in health after divorcing. However, those studies appeared to only look at the immediate affect of a divorce and failed to consider how men would be affected in the future. Overall, divorced men regained their health and indeed stayed much healthier than their married peers. For some of those men, divorce might have been the best thing for their health.

Reading an article or study that seems to link divorce and bad health can be upsetting, and may even be enough to dissuade some people from seeking a divorce that might otherwise be necessary. However, remaining in an unhealthy relationship might not have a positive affect on health either. Although it can be easy to become swept up in the latest research, individuals in New York should carefully survey their own relationship and needs -- not a researcher's opinion on the matter -- before deciding if a divorce is the most appropriate course of action.

Source: Yahoo, "Divorce May Not Be So Unhealthy After All", Amy Capetta, June 12, 2015

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