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June 2015 Archives

Parental discretion might be useful for child custody agreements

Divorce can be a difficult transition for New York children to make, and, though their best interests should always be priorities, it is very important to consider their interests when making parenting-time decisions. Most children tend to thrive in situations in which they have they have equal access to both parents, but, in light of the recent holiday -- Father's Day -- many people are pointing out that typical child custody arrangements do not always allow for equal access. Research has indicated that these arrangements might be a bad idea not only for the kids but also for the parents.

We disagree about the grounds for divorce, can we still proceed?

Divorce is a typically shorter and easier process if both parties agree on the reason and necessity for the dissolution, but reality is not always so neat and tidy. Divorce in New York allows for both of these occurrences through either an uncontested or a contested divorce. Although the outcome of both divorce types are the same, the path to get there can be somewhat different.

Worried about your health? There's no need to avoid divorce

Some people in New York may be familiar with the recent studies that seemed to indicate a link between divorce and a decrease in overall health. However, some experts claim that there is evidence to contradict the notion that getting a divorce means taking a hit to your health. Although there might be a short-term health impact, when looking at the long-term, there was no real difference. 

Avoid these pitfalls during a divorce

It is pretty easy to talk about what actions New York individuals should take during a divorce, but what not to do can often be equally as important. After all, the best decisions in the world can easily be rocked by one or two missteps in a divorce. To be on the safe side, consider the following mistakes to avoid.

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