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May 2015 Archives

Kelly Rutherford accuses ex of violating child custody order

When New York parents who are citizens of different countries divorce, serious attention must be paid to the child custody agreements. Allegations of international parental abduction are taken quite seriously, so it is important that both parties understand the terms of the agreements as clearly as possible. Due to alleged repeated violations of a custody order and concerns of parental abduction, actress Kelly Rutherford recently took action to temporarily obtain child custody.

Information helps ensure financial security after divorce

Ready to divorce, but worried about future financial stability? Especially for New York couples who decide to retire later in life, there may be confusion and worry when it comes to retirement and Social Security benefits. If an individual's retirement plans hinged on an ex-spouse's work history and benefits, a divorce may not interrupt those plans too much. 

Do I have to go to court with my ex over child custody?

A parent's divorce can be a confusing time for a child, and most New York parents want to resolve issues in a manner that will have as minimal of an impact on their children as possible. For many parents, this means staying out of court and avoiding contentious litigation over child custody. However, for those who are unable to negotiate an agreeable custody arrangement, court intervention is still possible.

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