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April 2015 Archives

Experts say heart health tied to divorce

It often feels as though every week scientists reveal that they have discovered new risk factors or toxic substances that are contributing factors to various medical conditions. With this seemingly endless list of things to avoid, people in New York can understandably feel conflicted about how to act in certain situations. Although recent data suggests that some people who go through a divorce could be at higher risk for heart disease, experts were quick to point out that that other problems factors could be to blame. 

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay to divorce actress wife

Devoted Food Network viewers might be surprised to hear about the divorce of one of the network's most prominent chefs. Celebrity chef Bobby Flay has reportedly called it quits from his marriage to actress Stephanie March. Rumors of potential affairs had surfaced shortly before the couple announced their divorce.

New York judge gives the green light on Facebook divorce papers

Hiding from divorce papers may be much more difficult in the future. Following the ruling of a judge, a New York woman was given the right to serve her soon-to-be ex-husband divorce papers via the popular social media website Facebook. Although it is not likely that this will become the preferred course of action for serving papers, it could potentially be of significant value to those who are unable to locate a spouse.

Pets, not child custody, sending some couples to court

In most households in New York, the family dog or cat is just as much a part of the family as anyone else. Unfortunately, the law has yet to catch up with modern Americans view on Fido, and handling the issue of pet custody in a divorce can be a tricky matter. Unlike child custody agreements, working out who gets to keep a beloved pet is usually done during property division.

Valentine's Day often precedes increase in divorce filings

Valentine's Day may have already come and gone, but that does not necessarily mean that its effects are no longer felt. Though typically associated with roses, chocolate and all things love, for some, Valentine's Day may lead to thoughts of a much less romantic event -- divorce. Apparently, some of Cupid's arrows might have missed their marks in New York.

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