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How can I be sure that I should get a divorce?

Various degrees of uncertainty before making an enormous, life-changing decision can be entirely understandable and maybe even expected. Just as no one can really tell you whether getting married is the correct decision, understanding when it is most appropriate to seek a divorce is often a choice that only that individual can make. However, that does not mean there are not indications that a divorce may be a good idea.

Most New York couples have various views on cheating. For some couples, it is off the table entirely. For others, there may be a one, two or even three strike possibility. No matter what a couple's views are, when one partner is unable to stop cheating, filing for divorce may be a smart idea. 

Perhaps hand-in-hand with cheating is the inability to tell the truth. While less than the truth in small matters may not be too big of a deal, lies about finances or serious medical issues can put an entire family at risk for a less than stable life. When a married couple has kids, keeping financial problems from another partner can be an irresponsible course of action. 

While even these factors may be up to the individual discretion of a person or New York couple considering divorce, they may also have an influence on the final divorce settlement. A spouse who kept information about finances and considerable debt may be responsible for more of the marital debt during asset division. Others have specific language in a prenuptial agreement that addresses what may happen in the event that one partner is unfaithful.

Source: The Huffington Post, "The Right Time to Get a Divorce", Dr. Gail Gross, Feb. 9, 2015

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