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February 2015 Archives

Business owners can handle important factors before divorce

When one spouse sets out to start a new business, it can often make sense to include the other spouse in the process. Businesses started by married couples can have many benefits, including possibly providing a steady source of income for both parties. So what happens when a couple in New York decides to divorce, but they own a business together? Deciding what happens to the business may be more difficult than some may anticipate.

How can I be sure that I should get a divorce?

Various degrees of uncertainty before making an enormous, life-changing decision can be entirely understandable and maybe even expected. Just as no one can really tell you whether getting married is the correct decision, understanding when it is most appropriate to seek a divorce is often a choice that only that individual can make. However, that does not mean there are not indications that a divorce may be a good idea.

Retirement funds just one concern in divorce settlements

Just like marriage, divorce isn't for just for one demographic of couples. Both newlyweds and so-called empty nesters in New York can come to the understanding that a marriage just hasn't been working and that divorce is the most appropriate course of action. However, unlike their younger counterparts, couples who choose to divorce closer to retirement may have more on their plate to worry about. 

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