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Divorce rates soar in the New Year

As time rolls into the New Year, many people in New York are starting to make good on their New Year's Resolutions. For some, that means eating a little healthier or reading more. For others, it means finally filing for a divorce

January tends to be a popular month to file for a divorce in America. Typically, the increase starts quickly on the first Monday that follows New Year's Day. This surge jacks the divorce rate up by at least a third, and so far this year the rate of divorce filings is apparently already 27 percent higher than other monthly averages. Activity on dating websites also increased at the beginning of the year.

The general train of thought is that most people simply want to make it through the holidays at least one last time before following through with a divorce. Sometimes this may be done to give the kids a final holiday season where their parents are together. In other instances, October through December can be incredibly busy months, and getting around to filing for divorce might have to come after a slew of holiday parties to which a couple has already committed.

Further speculation has noted that time in court can be especially rare between during the holidays, particularly from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. Waiting until court time is available should it be necessary may be an appropriate choice for some. Although not every New York couple filing for divorce will need to go to court, those who are unable to settle disputes through direct negotiations or some form of alternative dispute resolution -- such as mediation or a collaborative divorce -- may have no other choice.

Source:, "Why January is a popular month to file for divorce", Quentin Fottrell, Jan. 6, 2015

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