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Chris Rock had a prenup, but it expired before filing for divorce

Comedian Chris Rock may have mocked marriage during prior stand-up comedy sets, but to those following him in New York, his pending divorce appears to be anything but funny. Rock's recent divorce filing alleged that his children have been unfairly kept from him. In that same filing he requested that he be awarded joint custody of his two daughters. 

Rock claims that Malaak Compton-Rock has flat-out refused to let him play the normal, active role that he once had in their daughter's life. According to him, keeping him away is in direct violation of what is best for the girls. Compton-Rock has refuted these accusations, and instead pointed out that Rock tends to live in the spotlight while she and their two daughters stay out of it.

The couple signed a prenuptial agreement when they married 19 years ago, although as they had no children at the time, it's may not have addressed any potential child custody arrangements. Postnuptial modifications or agreements are not uncommon for addressing situations such as child custody as they arise, but as the couple had a sunset provision in the existing prenup, it appears as though that would not have mattered. According to the sunset provision, the agreement is already expired and will have no affect on the final divorce settlement. 

Although the terms of a prenuptial agreement may have made certain aspects of divorce proceedings easier, the lack of a valid agreement does not mean that Rock and Compton-Rock will have to immediately proceed to court to hammer out the details of their agreement. Instead, they have the same options that most divorcing couples in New York have. Alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation or a collaborative divorce are often effective tools for hammering out who is entitled to what and how parenting time should be split.

Source:, "Chris Rock Divorce May Be Getting Nasty", Douglas Gorenstein, Dec. 31, 2014

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