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January 2015 Archives

How you earned your fortune could affect your divorce

Typically, when a couple decides to divorce, each party retains his or her personal assets, while the marital assets are split according to what is most fair to the situation. While this seems fairly straight forward, the process can become somewhat more complicated when the simple question "What is the source of the appreciation?" is raised. Whether assets are the result of passive or active appreciation can have a surprising impact on how a New York couple's assets are actually divided in a divorce

Research uncovers some common factors behind divorce

Just as no two marriages in New York are alike, the reasons behind a much-needed divorce can range across a multitude of factors. While this may be true, a new study has pinpointed several factors that could put a couple at an increased risk for a divorce. Some of these signs could possibly surface before a marriage has even begun.

Chris Rock had a prenup, but it expired before filing for divorce

Comedian Chris Rock may have mocked marriage during prior stand-up comedy sets, but to those following him in New York, his pending divorce appears to be anything but funny. Rock's recent divorce filing alleged that his children have been unfairly kept from him. In that same filing he requested that he be awarded joint custody of his two daughters. 

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