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Divorce may be slowing down, but the reasons why aren't changing

As 2014 draws to a close, lists of the year's most popular songs and movies are making their way around the Internet. A recent list compiling the most prevalent reasons for divorce goes back further than just this year and in fact stretches all of the way back to 1980. Although more recent data has indicated that the divorce rate may be slowing down, the reasons behind divorce may still be the same.

With the recent recession still on most people's minds in New York, it may not be surprising to learn that employment problems rank as number 10 on the list. Although financial issues didn't crack the top 10 on the list, many people who were part of the survey did report that money problems played a role. It's possible that either of these problems could have caused the other, resulting in marital turmoil. 

On the opposite end of the list, a cheating spouse ranked number one as the most common reason for divorce. Over 21 percent of reported cases involved at least one act of infidelity. This means that 20 percent of divorces since 1980 have been caused by some form of cheating. 

Although the reasons behind a divorce may vary, virtually every divorcing couple in New York has to deal with the same issues. Dividing up marital property, deciding who owes what debts, and -- if the couple has children -- addressing child custody and support are all basic factors of a divorce. However, it is possible for the reason behind a divorce to influence these issues. For instance, an abusive spouse may not be entitled to unsupervised visitation with a child, while a spouse who secretly took on a mountain of debt could be awarded more of the debt during property division. Due to so many aspects involved, many couples seek assistance with figuring it all out in order to move forward peacefully.

Source:, "The Top 10 Reasons People Divorce Aren't Surprising, But They're Still Worth Checking Out", Lucia Peters, Dec. 8, 2014

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