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December 2014 Archives

Ready to divorce? Don't plan for court just yet

Whether in the checkout line at the grocery store or at a gas station counter, most people have seen magazine covers raving about the latest celebrity's divorce battle in court. While litigation is of course sometimes necessary for New York couples, a mutually agreeable divorce settlement can be possible without having to go to court. Rarely -- if ever -- is litigation the first step on the path to a successful divorce. 

Ex-wife of Deion Sanders loses child custody rights

Figuring out how child custody will benefit a child the most is something that all divorcing parents in New York must figure out. If one parent is unhappy with a current child custody arrangement or if a life change necessitates changes to a parenting agreement, he or she must first file a petition to have the custody arrangement modified. Some parents may feel as though they have a right to act outside of the custody agreement without having it modified, but doing so can land them in hot water.

Divorce may be slowing down, but the reasons why aren't changing

As 2014 draws to a close, lists of the year's most popular songs and movies are making their way around the Internet. A recent list compiling the most prevalent reasons for divorce goes back further than just this year and in fact stretches all of the way back to 1980. Although more recent data has indicated that the divorce rate may be slowing down, the reasons behind divorce may still be the same.

Judge strikes mention of therapy from Ken Griffin's divorce

Prenuptials are far from uncommon for many married couples in New York. Unfortunately, the frequent use of prenups may have led to the misguided belief that any document signed before a marriage is valid. In reality, when and how a prenuptial agreement was signed can play a significant role in divorce proceedings.

Decisions in child custody not easy for Halle Berry and ex

Once the hurdle of determining child custody is over, some parents in New York may be tempted to sit back and let out a huge sigh of relief. While this reaction can be understandable, it may also be a bit preemptive. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily uncommon for issues with child custody to arise. 

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