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You don't have to back down in a child custody dispute

Determining custody can be one of the most difficult aspects of many divorce proceedings. While it has become less common for one parent to have sole custody while the other has weekend visits, determining shared custody can be nearly as difficult. Increasingly, New York parents may have to work together on a child custody agreement, even if the divorce is contentious.

While shared child custody typically allows both parents to play a much more active role in their child's life, newer aspects of shared custody can be complicated. Historically, the parent retaining sole custody was able to make most of the major decisions, sometimes including how a child may be educated or what religion he or she might be raised in. It's not necessarily uncommon for parents sharing custody to butt heads over these types of decisions.

Additionally, modifying this type of child custody agreement can also be an understandably overwhelming task. One parent may lose a job or the other might find a new one in another state. In both of these situations, a modification may be necessary. However, if one parent believes that it will have a negative impact on a child's life, he or she may contest the change. This means that if one parent is headed out of state for work, it may not be so easy to bring a child along, too.

In all matters of child custody, whether establishing a new agreement or modifying an old one, we strive to help parents come to as amicable an agreement as possible. While we understand that this is often the preferred method of settling a dispute, we also won't back down simply because another parent is requesting something that is unreasonable. For more information regarding what options New York couples have for dealing with a custody dispute, our website can be helpful.

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