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November 2014 Archives

You don't have to back down in a child custody dispute

Determining custody can be one of the most difficult aspects of many divorce proceedings. While it has become less common for one parent to have sole custody while the other has weekend visits, determining shared custody can be nearly as difficult. Increasingly, New York parents may have to work together on a child custody agreement, even if the divorce is contentious.

Some New York couples seeking to include pet custody in a divorce

For many pet owners, dogs and cats are not just animals -- they are family. In situations similar to custody disputes over human children, some divorcing couples end up fighting over who will get custody of the family pet. As pets are considered property in a divorce, some New York couples may want to consider taking steps to make sure their pooch is protected should a relationship end.

How can I be sure that I can keep my home after divorce?

Retaining ownership of a martial home is not an uncommon desire for at least one party during a divorce. If the other individual has no desire to remain in the home after a divorce, it may appear as though the case is clear-cut. Unfortunately, some New York couples might be surprised to discover that achieving a simple agreement on who stays and who goes may actually be much more complicated.

Do I have to go through divorce litigation?

Across movie screens and home TVs, the scene of a warring husband and wife fighting out their divorce in court may not be an unfamiliar scene. What these popular movies and shows fail to point out is that most New York couples who plan to divorce won't have any need to stand before a judge for litigation. Options for alternative dispute resolution have becoming increasingly popular and are often quicker and cheaper than heading straight to court. 

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