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Why rethinking the price tag of your wedding could avoid divorce

How much the ring, the dress and a wedding costs tend to be hot topics surrounding almost any couple's upcoming marriage. However, a recent study has indicated that the price tags attached to these things could be more than just a popular conversation piece, and that they may actually predict if a couple will divorce or not. For some in New York, the results may be surprising.

While bigger is better in some situations, this is apparently not always true when it comes to a wedding. The study from Emory University found that couples who shelled out over $20,000 for their happy day were three and a half times more likely to divorce. Unfortunately for some, Americans spend an average of about $30,000 for a wedding.

But it's not just the cost of the wedding that can indicate a future divorce. Even before the planning has begun, an engagement ring could set off alarm bells. Spending more than $2,000 or less than $500 on an engagement ring apparently also leads to a higher divorce rate. 

The study did find that inviting lots of guests and enjoying a nice honeymoon afterwards can reduce the risk of divorce. Despite all of these findings, it is entirely possible for a New York couple to spend much more than the aforementioned amount and live out their lives as a happily married couple. No matter the price tag on the dress, the cost of feeding your guests or if you paid up for an open bar at your reception, divorce may still be inevitable, necessary and responsible choice for some people.

Source:, "Are diamonds really a girl's best friend? What your ring may say about your marriage", Randee Dawn, Oct. 8, 2014

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