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Most people understand why child support can be critical to raising a child in the best way possible. When financially supported by two parents, a child usually has access to adequate and safe housing, clothes as necessary and other important daily financial necessities. However, some New York parents may end up struggling with receiving the child support that is necessary for raising their child.

For example, if a previously noncustodial parent is awarded temporary, emergency or even permanent custody of their child, the support order may not immediately be modified. While a change in custody from one parent to another can arise from a variety of situations, including abuse or a military parent deploying, a situation may occur in which the parent in physical custody of the child is still paying child support to the parent who no longer has custody. Unfortunately, since child support is typically court ordered, simply not paying until the situation is remedied is not always an option. 

In other situations, if one parent vastly out earns the other, even if he or she retains physical custody, they may still be ordered to pay child support. This support may seem unfair on the surface, but it is generally ordered with the best interest of the child in mind. Since this support is only intended to ensure the proper care of the child while they are with the other parent on weekends or during various other visitations, it may not be as much as typical support.

While many New York parents know and understand why they are paying child support, situations do arise when what is ordered is not fair to the parent being ordered to pay. The amount may not accurately reflect what he or she makes, or an unexpected change in custody could have one individual paying support to a parent that will not see the children for some time. In these situations, required action may need to be taken in a timely manner so that the children involved are still being cared for financially. We understand how crucial this situation can be and are experienced and knowledgeable in various issues that can cause strife for those who pay child support. If you still have questions or concerns, our website explains more.

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