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October 2014 Archives

Sage Kelly and wife fight out divorce in court

Few arguments during a divorce may turn as nasty as an impassioned war over child custody. Sage Kelly and his wife, Christina Di Mauro Kelly, have both made serious allegations against one another in court in an apparent bid to win custody of the children. During the divorce, Sage Kelly even obtained an order from the court that has impacted Christina's ability to see her children.

Why rethinking the price tag of your wedding could avoid divorce

How much the ring, the dress and a wedding costs tend to be hot topics surrounding almost any couple's upcoming marriage. However, a recent study has indicated that the price tags attached to these things could be more than just a popular conversation piece, and that they may actually predict if a couple will divorce or not. For some in New York, the results may be surprising.

How is a legal separation different than a divorce?

Although some people in New York may think of a divorce as legally separating from a spouse, the term legal separation differs from an actual divorce. Although the reasons for seeking a legal separation as an alternative to divorce can vary greatly, there are both benefits that some may find lucrative. For instance, a legal separation doesn't actually end a marriage at all.

We help tackle child support issues

Most people understand why child support can be critical to raising a child in the best way possible. When financially supported by two parents, a child usually has access to adequate and safe housing, clothes as necessary and other important daily financial necessities. However, some New York parents may end up struggling with receiving the child support that is necessary for raising their child.

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