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Social media prenup may protect those going through divorce

Prenuptial agreements can be an essential aspect of pre-marital planning for many New York couples. As today’s society has become increasingly technologically driven, the prenup has evolved with it. Issues such as private photos and social media in the event of a divorce are now cropping up in prenuptial agreements.

The number of divorcing couples who point to social media as at least part of the reason for their split has increased to nearly 80 percent. A social media prenuptial generally aims to protect both parties from certain information being posted online. For instance, a disgruntled ex might find the notion of posting a revealing picture of their former spouse to be an appealing idea, even if such an act would have an adverse effect.

This type of prenup is likely to include what either party feels is okay to post after a divorce. This could either give the other individual permission to or forbid them from posting images or videos that they might find inappropriate. Additionally, violating the agreement often results in a fine that must be paid to the other party.

With social media increasingly becoming an everyday part of most individual’s lives, a social media prenuptial agreement can prove to be a smart move. A social media prenup can not only protect New York residents during and after a divorce but also throughout the course of the marriage. It is important for both parties to carefully evaluate their needs, both current and future, before entering into a prenuptial agreement before marriage.

Source:, "Would you sign a social media prenup?", , Aug. 7, 2014

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