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July 2014 Archives

Is it possible for mothers to ordered to pay support?

Halle Berry’s summer television show on CBS “Extant” has opened to rave reviews. The sci-fi thriller has Berry playing an astronaut who returns to earth after a 13 month solo mission at a space station, only to find out that she is pregnant. The questions about conception are only the beginning, but the show, and Berry’s earnings from her latest stint on “X-Men: Days of Future Past” are likely the reasons why she has been able to reach an agreement on paying child support with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, whom she shares a child with. 

If you're thinking about a social media prenup, you're not alone

If you are getting married and are contemplating a prenuptial agreement, chances are you are considering what you may deem as marital property (as opposed to separate property) and what rights you may be giving up by signing such an agreement. You may not be considering limitations of what you or your spouse may say or do over social media sites during the course of your divorce and beyond.

Are unmarried fathers at a disadvantage in family court

Fathers have seemingly had a tough time in family court, particularly unmarried fathers seeking to establish custody and parenting time. Indeed, the law says that both men and women are on equal footing before a family court judge, but some people believe that women have a considerable advantage.

How to avoid parenting time issues over the holiday weekend

With the holiday weekend starting tomorrow, we expect that many families will be gathering for backyard barbeques, trips to Coney Island or getting together to watch fireworks. For divorced and separated parents, this may be a time of conflict as both parents vie for time with the children.

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