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Why courts may not get involved in some parenting time disptues

Dealing with an ex-spouse or significant other who is combative, spiteful or irresponsible is hard enough during a marriage. It is additionally difficult to have to deal with a parent who continues to exhibit these qualities when it comes to parenting after a divorce. Nevertheless, there are countless parents who unfortunately have to deal with this scenario.

Parents who are troubled by this may feel as if their only option is to seek the court’s intervention; either to add additional provisions to their custody and parenting time decree, or to limit the offending parent’s time with the children. In either scenario, it is helpful to speak with an experienced family law attorney to get some insight on how the court may handle the situation, because there are some instances where a court may not be interested in getting involved. 

Choices regarding entertainment – If you limit your child’s viewing choices to Disney Junior and your ex allows them to watch “The Real Housewives of New York” chances are that a family court judge will not critique either parent’s choice for entertainment.

Religious practices – If you are a devout Christian, and your ex has converted to be a practicing Muslim, you may not garner any sympathy from the court for trying to prevent the children from learning about the Koran. Basically, each parent has a fundamental right to practice a particular religion, and that right extends to including children in such a religion.

Ultimately, family court judges expect parents to put their differences aside and make child-focused decisions. For more examples of disputes that may not be resolved in court,  contact an experienced family law attorney.

Source: “Why being part of a blended family is the best of both worlds,” Brittany Wong, June 20, 2014

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